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What makes us so different?

You find yourself in a tough or unique situation. You're tired of land-lording. You inherited a home you can't deal with. You need to relocate to be with family. Or, foreclosure is lurking right around the corner. In these situations listing your home may not be an option.  If you find yourself facing similar circumstances and need a reliable solution from people you can trust and depend on, Rise Again Realty can help!

How our home buying process works

It's our goal to eliminate the stress, the hassle and most importantly the pain of selling a home. Don't stress for months waiting to sell your home when it could be sold in just days.


Step 1 – Contact Us

Once you are ready to sell your house:


Step 2 – Eligibility

Once you contact us, we will want to:

  • Identify your type of stressful home.
  • Learn about any existing liens/debts.
  • Ask about the property’s’ condition.
  • Set-up an appointment to visit your home.
  • Inquire about your asking price.

Step 3 – Home Visit

During home visit, we will:

  • Conduct a full tour of your house.
  • Review the interior and exterior condition.
  • Take pictures of the entire property.
  • Complete a repair checklist.

Step 4 – Cash Offer

After home visit, we will:

  • Estimate cost of repairs, both labor and materials.
  • Search prices of sold homes with similar conditions.
  • Subtract repair cost from average prices of sold homes
  • Email you the cash offer for review within 24 hours.

Step 5 – Sign, Schedule, & Drop off

Once cash offer is accepted, we will:

  • Ask you to sign the Purchase & Sales agreement.
  • Schedule a property walk-through with contractors & investing partners to conduct a thorough home-inspection & decide which investment strategy to use.
  • Drop off agreement, plus earnest deposit, to title company to begin title search

Step 6 – Closing Process

After title company completes title search, we will:

  • Wire transfer purchase funds to title company.

Once received, title company will

  • Request that you sign over the deed and other transfer documents.
  • Use funds to pay off any lenders and lienholders first, before wire transferring remaining difference into your bank account.

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